elaiolado koronis

ελαιολαδο κορωνης

O καιρός σήμερα
An even great success confirms the value of one of the best olive
oils of Messinian land.The reason for the
"Olive Koronis" which deserved won the 3RD Prize Gourmet Olive Oil,
the Scientific Group taste-tech of Kalamata TEI in 2011.
Properties:olive oil, when consumed, is particularly beneficial for
our health especially for the heart, blood vessels and for the fight
against cancer and aging.
"Agourelaio", the most precious olive oil.
Our extra virgin olive oil is exclusive from the varieties
of Koroni.
It is produced from crops (with foyski), tradition which dates from
the Mycenaean era.The characteristics of the soil and the local
climate are the two main pillars of fame that the olive has.
Virgin Olive Oil - Koroni - Bio
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